Local News channels

Newswire.news features a comprehensive list of national major television markets in the United States where you can watch live and recorded local news broadcasts from most major US cities. Each news channel link takes you directly to the individual news outlet’s local website, where you also browse local news stories from across the country. To view the live and recorded news broadcasts check with each local station’s television schedule for specific live broadcast times.

2 News (KUTV)

Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah

2 News is the Utah based station of the CBS Television Network and is owned and operated by CBS Corporation. The “CBS is Always On” initiative extends 2News’s local market reach beyond TV to broadband Web and wireless content distribution 24/7. 2News’s goal is to be Salt Lake City’s news source and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the integration of both local TV and the Web.

5/30 (KOAA)

Offices: Colorado Springs, Colorado

KOAA-TV’s Colorado Springs/Pueblo Coverage is quite extensive and also different than most the networks that are in this market. Their Full power transmitter is located on Baculite Mesa 7 miles North East of Pueblo. This transmitter has an output of 100,000 Watts on Channel 5. This signal can be received with a VHF antenna. Their high power “translator” is located on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs and has a power output of 126,000 WATTS on Channel 30. This signal can be received with a UHF antenna. They are an affiliate of NBC.


Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6ABC was the first affiliate of ABC-TV and on April 1, 1998, the station celebrated its 50th anniversary with the network. WPVI-TV/6abc went on the air as WFIL-TV in 1947 producing some of the earliest ABC-TV network programs. In 1971 Capital Cities Communications, later Capital Cities/ABC, purchased the station and changed its call letters from WFIL-TV to WPVI-TV. Throughout its history, 6abc has remained committed to serving the diverse needs and interests of the Delaware Valley viewers.


Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

7 NBC the NBC affiliate of the Boston Market began broadcasting in 1948 originally as a CBS affiliate. They also picked up the ABC and DuMont affiliate as secondary ones. After constant affiliates switches WHDH became a NBC affiliate in 1995. After changing hands and call signs a few times WHDH became owned by Sunbeam Broadcasting. WHDH is a strong # 2 in local news (behind WCVB), occasionally beating WCVB for number-one.

7 News (WKBW)

Offices: Buffalo, New York

WKBW-TV offers more local television, news, weather, and entertainment programming. WKBW-TV offers business more ways to reach central Illinois consumers than any other local advertising source. WKBW has experience and aggressive reporters with strong investigation and live reporting skills. They are the ABC affiliate serving the Buffalo area, and are owned and operated by Granite Broadcasting.

9 News (KUSA)

Offices: Denver, Colorado

Originally known by the call letters KBTV, Channel 9 first went on the air in October 1952. In the 1980s and 90s, the station underwent several major changes. In April 1984, KBTV changed its call letters to KUSA. Then, in September 1995, KUSA changed its affiliation from ABC to NBC. 9NEWS defines its role in the community through its outreach programs.

9 News (WAFB)

Offices: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The tradition of television in Baton Rouge began on April 19, 1953, when WAFB signed on the air as the second television station in Louisiana. Over the following decades, Channel 9 created the number one news organization in south Louisiana, covering local, state, and regional news. Today, WAFB brings its viewers 25 hours of news programming each week. While news and programming are their broadcast trademarks, WAFB is constantly being honored for its community service. They are currently an affiliate of CBS.

10 News (WBIR)

Offices: Knoxville, Tennessee

WBIR-TV, Channel 10 began its long service to East Tennessee in 1956. In 1995, Channel 10 joined the Gannett Company. Gannett Broadcasting consists of 22 television stations reaching 17.4 percent of the US television market. They have a long-standing reputation of community involvement and commitment to the public. At 10 News, they strive to provide factual, balanced coverage of newsworthy events and issues in East Tennessee. They are an affiliate of NBC.

11 Alive (WXIA)

Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

WXIA-TV’s history dates back to 1951 when the station signed on the air as an ABC affiliate. Twenty-nine years later, in September 1980, Channel 11 joined NBC. Early in its history, the station was known as WLWA-TV and operated under the ownership of Crosley Broadcasting. Known from the start as a station with a strong interest in local, live programming, the station was purchased in 1962 by Richard Fairbanks of Indianapolis and officially became WAII-TV. WXIA-TV, 11Alive currently employs approximately 200 men and women in the areas of news, engineering, production, promotion, accounting, sales, programming and administrative support.

16 WAPT News

Offices: Jackson, Mississippi

WAPT began broadcasting in October 1970, becoming Jackson’s first ABC affiliate. In 1976, 16 WAPT became Jackson’s first station to broadcast live news reports from the field and the first news operation to use videotape rather than film for daily news coverage. Today, 16 WAPT broadcasts four newscasts on weekdays. 16 WAPT is the home of Mississippi’s most powerful, most accurate, real-time Doppler radar.


Offices: South Bend, Indiana

22 WSBT-TV went on the air in December 1952. In the fall of 1953, 22WSBT-TV won national recognition by becoming the first station to present a closed-circuit telecast of a college football practice. Since 1952, 22WSBT-TV has been witness and commentator to the major events shaping this century, offering their own view to the Michiana viewer. They will provide the best news, entertainment and marketing opportunities, by listening and responding to the ever-changing needs of their community

27 News First (WYKT)

Offices: Lexington, Kentucky

WKYT-TV will be a community leader, through the operation of a commercial television station in the public interest, by informing and entertaining viewers with high quality local news and entertainment programming while providing services to help advertisers achieve financial prosperity. They are an affiliate of CBS and are owned and operated by Gray Television.


Offices: Baltimore, Maryland

In 1947 WMAR-TV came on the air. It is Maryland’s first commercial television station and the 11th in the nation. The station was the site of many technological breakthroughs. It has also had a noteworthy staff, including Janet Covington, the first woman director (1948). WMAR is involved with numerous public service activities and donates air time each summer to the John’s Hopkins Miracle Network Telethon. It is an affiliate of ABC.


Offices: Salt Lake City, Utah

ABC 4 is the ABC affiliate for the Salt Lake City market and is owned by Clear Channel Communications. KTVX provides equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Their employees are highly creative, excellent writers and possess the ability to work quickly under pressure. They are also very organized and flexible.


Offices: Providence, Rhode Island

Founded in 1963. Acquired by Freedom Communications in 1983.ABC6 strives every day to be relevant to the lives of those who reside in Southern New England. With innovative programming, strong community involvement, and a commitment to providing clear, unbiased and accurate information, ABC6 upholds the core values of the Freedom family. Their corporate philosophy of local decision-making allows them to take action quickly and appropriately in response to local needs-whether in news or community service.


Offices: Columbus, Ohio

ABC 6 is the ABC affiliate for the Columbus market and is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. ABC 6 is a combination station with its sister Fox 28 (WTTE). They have skilled reporters and producers who can put together well written and visually compelling newscasts. The goal of their internship program is to recruit candidates, primarily juniors and seniors, from colleges and prepare them for entry-level jobs within the broadcast industry.


Offices: Los Angeles, California

ABC 7 is the ABC affiliate for the Los Angeles market and is owned and operated by Disney/ABC. KABC-TV is an equal opportunity employer. Their reporters are very experienced and have excellent writing and live presentation skills. their news team is highly skilled and qualified, easily able to deal with breaking news and harsh deadlines. All have excellent writing abilities and thrive under pressure.


Offices: San Francisco, California

KGO-TV in San Francisco is the ABC-owned television station serving San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and all of Northern California. KGO-TV began its broadcasting operations on May 5, 1949. The station became the second station on the air in Northern California. Today, KGO-TV’s signal reaches as far north as Geyserville and as far south as Watsonville, a 75 mile radius. It employs approximately 250 people and has continued through the years to produce quality local programming recognized throughout the broadcast industry and having an exceptional impact in Northern California.


Offices: El Paso, Texas

KILT-TV 13 (now KVIA) signed on the air in a facility in south central El Paso on September 1, 1956. On July 10, 1981 they became KVIA Channel 7. KVIA maintains a partnership agreement with the El Paso Times. This arrangement provides for daily live interviews with Times reporters during ABC 7 newscasts and ABC 7 meteorologists providing the Times readers with daily weather forecasts. ABC 7 and the Times have participated in several landmark polling, reporting and town hall projects.


Offices: New York, New York

WABC-TV is licensed in New York City to ABC7. It began operating on August 10, 1948, and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 1998. ABC7 is owned by the American Broadcasting Company. Over a four-week period, WABC-TV will be viewed in over 6.4 million TV households. There are over 5.1 million cable TV households within the New York DMA, representing 75% of the market’s total TV households. WABC-TV is carried on every cable system serving the New York DMA. They offer a diverse mix of programs: live local and national news, talk/variety and game shows, soap operas, information and entertainment, sports, movies, children’s and public affairs.

ABC 7 Chicago (WLS)

Offices: Chicago, Illinois

ABC7 is the Disney/ABC-owned station in Chicago, the third largest market in the country. ABC7 also broadcasts the leading programs in national syndication. ABC7 has also lead the local television community in producing special event programs. Public service campaigns take a major role on ABC7, focusing on issues and concerns to Chicago area viewers. Experimental television station W9XBK began operation in the fall of 1939, as the first television station in Chicago and the third in America. In August 1943, W9XBK obtained a commercial license from the FCC.


Offices: Cincinnati, Ohio

WCPO is considered a pioneer of local live television. Its call letters were originally assigned to a Scripps radio station in Cincinnati to designate its relationship with The Cincinnati Post. The station adopted the letters in 1949 when it went on the air as the company’s third television station. WCPO went online in August 1996, was the first Cincinnati entity to have updated news over the Internet, and the only Cincinnati station which streams and archives all of its newscasts.


Offices: Durham-Raleigh-Fayetteville, North Carolina

WTVD was the Triangle’s first TV station when it signed on in 1954. It was 1957 when WTVD was sold to Capital Cities Communications and became the second TV station in the group. In the late 60’s, WTVD switched its affiliation from NBC to CBS and it again moved to ABC in 1996. As a dominant station in market, the ABC 11 Eyewitness News team maintains its commitment to bringing viewers more local news.


Offices: Houston, Texas

ABC 13 is the ABC affiliate for the Houston market and is owned and operated by Disney/ABC. Over the years, KTRK-TV has grown to the most watched station in the Houston area. Channel 13 began broadcasting on November 20, 1954. their reporters can enterprise good, hard news stories, and respond well to breaking and spot news. Their reporters also have strong writing abilities.


Offices: New York, New York

CBS 2’s goal is to be New York’s online portal and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the unique integration of both local TV and the Web. This commitment at CBS 2 reinforces their position as New York’s indispensable source for easily accessible on-demand news & information. The “CBS is Always On” initiative extends CBS 2’s local market reach beyond TV to broadband Web and wireless content distribution 24/7.

CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM)

Offices: Chicago, Illinois

CBS 2 puts the needs and concerns of its viewers first by providing news and information that is relevant and beneficial. Throughout the years, they have been committed to serving as advocates for their viewers working for individuals and the community as a whole. Their focus is to connect with viewers through high-quality reporting and investigations that make a difference. It is licensed as a broadcasting station in 1923 when it becomes WBBM. In 1928 it becomes an affiliate of CBS. In 1946 it is given a commercial license and makes the change to television.

CBS 2 Los Angeles (KCBS)

Offices: Los Angeles, California

The television station now known as CBS 2, Channel 2, Los Angeles, was originally licensed and constructed by Don Lee, as an experimental station on May 10, 1931. On May 6, 1948, the station was granted full commercial status. On Monday, April 2, 1984, at 12:00 noon, KNXT officially became known as CBS 2. The change emphasized the stations’ strong ties with CBS. Their antenna located on Mount Wilson is 3,632 feet above average terrain level of their signal area. It stands 934 feet above the top of the mountain and is 6,589 feet above sea level.


Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CBS 3’s goal is to be Philadelphia’s online portal and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the unique integration of both local TV and the Web. This unprecedented commitment at CBS 3 reinforces their position as Philadelphia’s indispensable source for easily accessible on-demand news & information. CBS 3’s “Always On” strategy empowers their audiences to watch, read and experience CBS 3.


Offices: Boston, Massachusetts

CBS4 is the CBS television station in Boston and is owned and operated by CBS Television Stations. CBS 4’s goal is to be Boston’s online portal and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the unique integration of both local TV and the Web. This unprecedented commitment at CBS 4 reinforces their position as Boston’s indispensable source for easily accessible on-demand news & information. The “CBS is Always On” initiative extends CBS 4’s local market reach beyond TV to broadband Web and wireless content distribution 24/7.


Offices: Miami, Florida

WFOR-TV (CBS4) has served South Florida in many ways since first signing on the air in 1967, as WCIX-TV, owned by Coral Television. In 2003, CBS expanded its commitment to the community by dedicated a new, state of the art News Department expansion. CBS4 is committed to South Florida, and to providing the best news and information anywhere. They have been doing it for almost 40 years, and while the technology may change, the commitment of their company and the people who bring their programming never will.

CBS 4 Denver (KCNC)

Offices: Denver, Colorado

On September 1953 KOA was granted the right to Channel 4. KOA-TV went on the air December 24, 1953. In 1984 KOA changed its call sign to KCNC and became an NBC affiliate station. On Sept. 9, 1995, at midnight, KCNC-TV was sold and became a CBS affiliate. Later they became a CBS owned and operated station. In September 2003, KCNC-TV announced that is was changing from KCNC-TV to CBS4.


Offices: Green Bay, Wisconsin

CBS 5 is part of the CBS Television Stations Group, which reaches 35% of the U.S. TV households with stations in 8 of the top 10 markets. CBS 5’s goal is to be Green Bay’s information portal and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the unique integration of both local TV and the Web. This unprecedented commitment at CBS 5 reinforces their position as Green Bay’s source for easily accessible on-demand news & information.

CBS 5 Bay Area (KPIX)

Offices: San Francisco, California

KPIX was the 49th station nationwide to go on the air, the first in Northern California, and the fourth in California on December 24th, 1948 . KPIX became affiliated with CBS on April 18, 1949 and continued to offer a wide range of locally-produced entertainment, informational presentations and public interest shows. KPIX’s oldest program “Missing Persons” was launched in January of 1949. KPIX developed programs to welcome it and informed viewers on how best to receive and enjoy the new station.


Offices: Syracuse, New York

Barrington acquired WSTM and WSTQ as part of the acquisition. WSTM is a full power VHF station that has been an NBC affiliate since it began broadcasting in 1953. WSTM broadcasts its analog signal on channel 3 and its full power digital signal on channel 54. Despite being a low power station, WSTQ can be seen across the Syracuse DMA through local cable systems in the area. WSTQ has been a UPN affiliate since 2003, when it began broadcasting, and has agreed to become a CW affiliate beginning in September 2006. WSTM and WSTQ are sister stations.

CW 11 (WPIX)

Offices: New York, New York

New York’s CW11 (WPIX-TV Channel 11), is the flagship station of The CW Television Network. Founded in 1948 and owned by Tribune Broadcasting, a division of the Tribune Company, WPIX has long been regarded as a groundbreaking station in New York. In September 2006, The WB11 became The CW11. Its successful CW Network programming, award winning news, extensive library of movies, first-run programs, off-network sitcom, quality children’s programming and public affairs shows, as well as event coverage, has contributed to the station’s success.

CW 11 (KPLR)

Offices: St. Louis, Missouri

KPLR reaches approximately 1,000,000 St. Louis DMA households and 642,000 cable television households (in 7 states). CW 11 was the second TV station in the nation to put up an earth satellite receiving station. CW 11 also boasts a full scale production facility. The CW 11 KPLR-TV debut produced CW’s third strongest ratings and shares nationwide. They are the flagship station for the St. Louis Cardinals.

CW 11 (KSTW)

Offices: Seattle, Washington

KSTW-TV began broadcasting on March 1, 1953 as KTNT-TV in a Seattle-Tacoma market that consisted of only 189,000 TV homes. Today KSTW-TV reaches more than 1.6 million TV homes in the Puget Sound region, and an additional 1.3 million cable homes throughout British Columbia and the state of Washington. KSTW-TV 11 is a part of the CBS Television Stations Group, fully owned by CBS Corporation based in New York City. On August 11th, 2006, KSTW-11 became a charter affiliate of The CW.

CW 12 (KQCW)

Offices: Tulsa, Oklahoma

CW 12 is Tulsa’s CW Network affiliate making the switch in 2006. The CW network was formed when The WB network merged with the UPN network. CW 12 is home to The News on 6 at 9:00pm. It’s a fresh newscast from Tulsa’s most-watched news operation. They signed on in 1999 as an affiliate of The WB network. They are currently owned by Griffon Communications.

CW 15 (WLYH)

Offices: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

CBS 15 is the CW television station in Harrisburg and is operated by Clear Channel. CW 15 serves Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York and the surrounding areas. As of September 18 2006, UPN 15 became The CW 15. The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet, delivers a powerful 1-2 punch that no other local media can match. CW-15 drives viewers to cw15.com for the latest entertainment news, movie news and consumer information.

CW 18 (WKCF)

Offices: Orlando, Florida

CBS and Warner Brothers are the most powerful media companies in the world and have a 50/50 partnership in The CW. This will provide CW18 with the best resources and relationships in the entertainment industry to provide the best prime time programming. WKCF is one of the top CW affiliates in the country serving Orlando/Central Florida, Daytona Beach and Melbourne.

CW 18 (WVTV)

Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WVTV signed on in the mid-50’s as a CBS affiliate. In 1997, after decades of independent programming, WVTV became a WB affiliate. WVTV & WCGV were established as one of the first duopolies in the country and in spring of 2002, Sinclair Broadcasting became owner of both television stations. WCGV is the broadcast home of the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2006 WVTV became an affiliate of The CW network.

CW 22 (KSKN)

Offices: Spokane, Washington

KSKN is the sister station to the CBS affiliate KREM. Both stations are subsidiaries of the Belo Corp. Broadcast Division, which comprises one of the country’s largest and most successful television station groups with 16 network-affiliated television stations, reaching 14 percent of all US television households. KREM.com is a subsidiary of Belo Interactive, Belo Corp.’s Internet subsidiary. KSKN signed on in 1983 and has been an independent station and both a UPN and WB affiliate before switching to The CW network.

Dayton’s NBD 2 News (WDTN)

Offices: Dayton, Ohio

WLWD, owned by the Crosley Broadcasting corporation and licensed by the FCC in 1947, was the first station to be licensed in Dayton, Ohio. It began broadcasting in 1949. In 1976 the station was purchased by Grinnell Communications Corporation and WLWD became WDTN Channel 2. Providing the best in news, information, & entertainment programming, WDTN will continue to be the station Dayton and the Miami Valley turn. WDTN was then acquired by Lin TV Corporation in 2002.

Denver’s 7 (KMGH)

Offices: Denver, Colorado

The tradition that started with KLZ radio carries on with ABC affiliate Channel 7 today. KMGH’s 7Solutions stands up for the concerns of working families by providing direct community service, support, and information to improve the lives of families in need. The 7Everyday Hero Award is given to Coloradans who initiate solutions, motivate others, represent or serve working families and work on a nonprofit basis. Channel 7 became recognized for long-running shows and tradition of community service.

Denver’s CW 2 (KWGN)

Offices: Denver, Colorado

KWGN-TV has been a leader in the broadcasting industry for over 50 years. They are Colorado’s CW affiliate station. They are proud to be the first television station on the air in Colorado and are equally proud of their relationship with educational institutions. KWGN reaches more households every week than any other TV station in Colorado. Before the move to The CW they were an affiliate of The WB. They are currently owned by the Tribune Company.

Equity Media Holdings

Offices: Little Rock, Arkansas

Equity Media Holdings Corporation (EMDA: NASDAQ) is one of the largest owners and operators of television stations in the U.S. Their English and Spanish language stations are in 41 markets that represent more than 32% of the U.S. population. Through their Spanish language stations, they are the second largest affiliate group of the top ranked Univision and TeleFutura networks, two networks driven by the growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S.

Eyewitness News 12 (KWCH)

Offices: Wichita, Kansas

According to the February 2006 Nielsen Report for Wichita-Hutchinson KWCH is one of the strongest in audience delivery. They have experienced reporters with strong written and verbal skills with the ability to deliver a compelling live broadcast. Though they have a strong on air presence, their website is a well known and strong source for local news. KWCH is an affiliate of CBS.

Fox 2 (KTVI)

Offices: St Louis, Missouri

KTVI, FOX 2’s goal is to become the most important media outlet in the bi-state area. FOX 2 is committed to providing their viewers and advertisers with informative and entertaining programming choices; a news effort that is fair, accurate and thorough; and an active involvement in community issues that have a positive impact on the total viewing area. They seek to do everything they do with a spirit of sensitivity, style, imagination, courage, confidence, and aggressiveness.

Fox 2 (KTVU)

Offices: San Jose, California

On March 2, 1958, KTVU signed on the air from an old abandoned theatre in downtown Oakland as Channel 2.In April 1981, KTVU moved into its new facility at #2 Jack London Square. It has since affiliated with the Fox network, and dramatically increased its daily output of news programming. In its nearly 40 years of broadcasting, KTVU has grown in size, and in stature gaining a nationwide reputation for excellence. They are the television home of the San Francisco Giants.

Fox 2 (WJBK)

Offices: Detroit, Michigan

WJBK FOX 2 debuted in the Detroit market on October 24, 1948. At that time, it was a Dumont Network affiliate. WJBK became a CBS Network affiliate in 1952, after the Dumont Network went out of business. WJBK was sold to Gillett Communications in 1987, then to New World Communications in 1993. WJBK switched network affiliation from CBS to FOX in 1994. It became a FOX Network owned and operated station in 1997.

Fox 4 (KDFW)

Offices: Dallas, Texas

KRLD-TV Channel 4 was the 4th Texas TV station granted a license to operate by the Federal Communications Commission. Channel 4 signed on the air December 3, 1949. On July 2, 1970 channel 4 was assigned new call letters. KDFW-TV became the station’s new name, since “DFW” represents their “Dallas-“Fort “Worth viewing area. On July 1, 1995, Channel 4 signed on with a new look and a new name: FOX 4 Texas, breaking away from CBS.

Fox 4 (WDAF)

Offices: Kansas City, Kansas

On October 16, 1949, at 6:00 p.m. WDAF-TV went on air as the first television station in Kansas City. At that time, 78 stations were operating commercially in 47 cities, and there were 8,000 television sets in the WDAF-TV signal area. The station became an NBC affiliate exclusively on August 30, 1950. On May 23, 1994, New World and News Corporation (Fox) announced that Fox would invest $500 million in New World. In return, New World would switch the affiliation of its stations to the Fox Network. This agreement included WDAF-TV, which switched from NBC to FOX on September 12, 1994.

Fox 4 (WFTX)

Offices: Cape Coral, Florida

WFTX-TV is located in one of America’s fastest growing markets, Fort Myers/Naples, Florida. Fox 4 was acquired by Journal Broadcast Group in late 2005 as part of a three station purchase. Fox 4 is a dynamic Fox network-affiliated television station dedicated to bringing Southwest Florida viewers high-impact local newscasts, the best in entertainment and sports. Fox 4 News at Ten is a nightly one-hour program focused on covering local news in the southwest part of Florida.

Fox 5 Atlanta (WAGA)

Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

FOX5 Atlanta is the FOX owned and operated television station in Atlanta,Georgia.The call letters, WAGA, were originally chosen to cleverly reflect their hometown. The station began in 1949 as a CBS affiliate. DuMont served as a secondary affiliation from 1949 to 1955 and shared ABC with WSB-TV until WLWA-TV (now WXIA-TV) signed on in 1951. It is the only VHF commercial station in Atlanta still on its original channel.

Fox 5 DC (WTTG)

Offices: Washington, DC

FOX 5 began operating on May 19, 1945, as the first station in Washington,DC and the second station of the now-defunct DuMont Television Network. Murdoch used WTTG and WABD DuMont stations to build the core of the FOX network. On 1966 they broadcasted the first primetime newscast. Their reporters develop and write compelling stories with on-air presentation skill and powerful storytelling abilities.

Fox 5 Las Vegas (KVVU)

Offices: Las Vegas, Nevada

KVVU.com and KVVU-TV have developed a cutting-edge partnership that delivers breaking local news and information 24 hours a day. By utilizing up-to-the-minute reporting, online video and in-depth resources, they are setting a standard for breaking news coverage and community information. They believes in respect for all individuals and provides equal employment opportunity to all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, creed, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, military service.

Fox 5 New York (WNYW)

Offices: New York, New York

FOX 5 began life as one of the world’s first television stations on July 3, 1939, broadcasting a test pattern and still pictures on channel 1, sharing time with what would become WNBC. On May 2, 1944, the station was granted commercial status and its first call letters: WABD, in honor of its founder, Allen B. DuMont. The FCC finally got to the point where they said the companies who owned the station was exerting too much influence because they owned TV stations and newspapers in the same cities. The company sold its seven stations, including WABD to Rupert Murdoch.

Heartland’s CW (WQTV)

Offices: Murray, Kentucky

In 1997, AFLAC sold their broadcast group of seven stations, including WQTV-LP and its sister station KFVS-TV, to Raycom Media headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Through the years and ownership changes, KFVS-TV and WQTV-LP have consistently stood for quality broadcasting at the local level. Most of the staff are local to the market and are integrated in their communities.


Offices: Columbus, Ohio

NBC 4i is the NBC affiliate for the Columbus market and is owned by Media General. Columbus, Ohio is the 32nd largest DMA. It is the home of The Ohio State University and the National Hockey League’s Blue Jackets. The station plans to build a new downtown studio to broadcast its morning and noon newscasts, taking advantage of the opportunity for audience interaction. NBC 4i has one of the most experienced and talented teams in Central Ohio.


Offices: Los Angeles, California

NBC 4 is the NBC affiliate for the Los Angeles market and is owned and operated by NBC Universal. The NBC Owned Stations are leaders in their markets because of their aggressive promotion strategy, solid news reputation and proactive community outreach. NBC4’s programming reaches millions of people each week. They attract upscale, educated and ethnically diverse customers who represent.


Offices: Washington, DC

NBC4 is owned and operated by NBC, the first television network serving the Washington, DC market. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day to an area that includes more than eight million viewers. NBC4 is a leader in news and community outreach. The station broadcasts 39 1/2 hours of news per week-more than any other station in the market. NEWS4 at 11, the late news, has held the No. 1 position since February 1994 outside of the ’98 Winter Olympics. The station is involved in and brings numerous projects and campaigns to area residents each year.


Offices: Fort Worth, Texas

NBC 5 was the first television station in Texas and the 35th commercial station in the entire country, going on the air on September 15, 1948. They are currently owned and operated by the National Broadcasting Company. While they have gone through many changes, their commitment to the community has never wavered.


Offices: Temple, Texas

The station went on the air in 1953 as an NBC affiliate, an affiliate that continues today. In 1963, Bell Publishing Company separated its television business from its newspaper business and transferred the assets of its television business to a new corporation called Channel 6. KCEN-TV enjoys the rare legacy of having been owned by one family’s company since its inception. KCEN-TV remains strong in its roots as the only locally owned and operated television station. Its twin station is KMAY-LP, both share programming and owners.


Offices: Miramar, Florida

On March 21, 1949 WTVJ signed on the air for the first time. Originally a CBS affiliate, it later moved over to ABC until finally arriving at NBC where is currently resides. WTVJ will be the first digital station in the Miami market, meaning sharper images and more timely information than ever before. But for all that, the underlying commitment to the viewer is one shaped by 50 years of pioneering.

NBC 7/39 (KNSD)

Offices: San Diego, California

NBC 7/39 is a NBC Universal owned and operated station servicing the San Diego market. The NBC Owned Stations are leaders in their markets because of their aggressive promotion strategy, solid news reputation and proactive community outreach. their news team is flexible and very independent, while maintaining high ethics and the ability to work under tight deadlines.


Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The station was known as WCAU until 1995, when NBC bought the station as part of an affiliate swap and gave it a second name, NBC 10. From its creation in 1948 until 1995 WCAU was an affiliate of CBS. WCAU was the first TV station in the country to have a local 11 pm news broadcast. In 1984, the station has kept its strong legacy in community programming, but it was out of the children’s broadcasting business.


Offices: Providence, Rhode Island

In 1922 the department store, The Outlet Company, went on the air with WJAR radio, and in 1949 WJAR-TV became Rhode Island’s first television station. WJAR was purchased by NBC in February 1996 and was one of 14 stations owned and operated by the network for 10 years. NBC Universal announced in April 2006 that it was selling NBC 10 and three other stations to Virginia-based Media General. The acquisition was completed on June 26, 2006.

Ozarks Fox (KSFX)

Offices: Springfield, Missouri

Nexstar acquired KSFX in late 2003 as part of their acquisition of Quorum Broadcasting. KSFX operates under various local agreements with Mission Broadcasting station KOLR. Both stations operate under a Joint Sales Agreement, and have grown revenue share by integrating Nexstar sales systems and inventory management. KSFX has expanded its news production since the combining of services with KOLR, and offers the area’s only primetime hour-long newscast. KSFX is an affiliate of the Fox network.

Philadelphia’s WB 17 (WPHL)

Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WPHL-TV, now known as Philadelphia’s WB17, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The station signed on the air September 17, 1965, founded by a group of local businessmen and investors who sold it two years later to AVC Corporation. The station has been the home of The WB since the network’s debut January 11, 1995. The station continues to focus on technological advances, as shown by its switch in 2002 to broadcasting in digital format.

Portland’s CW (KRCW)

Offices: Portland, Oregon

Portland’s CW KRCW-TV is a commercial, CW Network affiliated television station located in Beaverton, Oregon and serving the general Oregon area. The station is owned and operated by Tribune, one of the country’s premier media companies, operating businesses in broadcasting, publishing and on the Internet. They were formally an independent station and were also affiliated with The WB network.

Q13 Fox (KCPQ)

Offices: Seattle, Washington

At Q13 FOX, They feel very fortunate to call western Washington home. And that’s why They’re dedicated to improving the lives of those in need in the community. Q13 FOX has been serving the community for over 45 years. Every day, Q13 FOX donates airtime for Public Service Announcements, which provide their viewers with useful information. A Fox affiliate with former ties to NBC.

San Diego’s 10 (KGTV)

Offices: San Diego, California

10News is committed to outstanding service to their viewers. To accomplish This mission, they understand the need to satisfy the viewers news and information needs, provide solutions that support the family’s well-being and involve themselves in significant projects that strengthen the community. Founded in 1953 it is currently an affiliate of ABC.

San Diego’s CW (KSWB)

Offices: San Diego, California

KSWB was first went on air in 1984 first as an independent station then they later switched to the WB. In 2006 they became an affiliate of The CW network. CW News at Ten offers audience ratings that are very competitive in key demos, beating or tying other late night newscasts. KSWB is owned and operated by the Tribune Company. They are in the 26th ranked market and reach 1,026,160 households.

Springfield 33 (KSPR)

Offices: Springfield, Missouri

Springfield 33 KSPR has a mission. They want to be Springfield’s news station. This is why they make it a point to focus all of their editorial, community outreach and sales efforts within the immediate metropolitan area. They are an affiliate of ABC and are owned and operated by Piedmont Television.

Tampa Bay’s 10 (WTSP)

Offices: Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay’s 10 News is committed to the community and their viewers. They want to be the ones to count on for local news, weather, and sports. WTSP works hard to get the story and capture the unforgettable moments. They take pride in telling emotional stories. Nothing is more important than teamwork and taking pride in the storytelling they do. They are an affiliate of CBS.


Offices: Scranton, Pennsylvania

The CW is a source for family entertainment in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, featuring various primetime shows. NEPAtoday.com is a partnership among FOX 56 (WOLF-TV), The CW (WSWB-TV) and MyNetworkTV (WQMY-TV). This exciting new web community will be promoted on FOX 56(WOLF-TV) and Pennsylvania’s WB (WSWB-TV), two of the most powerful media outlets in NE and Central Pa. WSWB is owned by Mystic Television of Scranton.

The CW 23 (WNLO)

Offices: Buffalo, New York

WNLO is committed to the highest standard of excellence and service to the people of Western New York. Local news is their top priority. The content of the newscasts from their sister station WIVB-TV shown on WNLO, is based on a foundation of journalistic integrity. They also make a commitment to seek out and listen to advertisers. Through adherence to superior quality and service, They will provide advertisers with the best opportunity to accomplish their goals.

The CW 25 Michiana (WCWW)

Offices: South Bend, Indiana

WCWW signed on in 1990 as W25BM as an independent station. In 1995 it made the switch to the WB network and in 2002 it changed its call sign to WMWB. WMWB-TV was awarded the new CW network affiliation and in 2006 they changed their call sign to WCWW to reflect their new affiliation. WCWW takes an active role within the community. They are currently owned by Weigel Broadcasting.

The CW Austin (KNVA)

Offices: Austin, Texas

KNVA/The CW Austin is the perfect destination when television viewers in Central Texas want to escape reality. The entertainment alternative is a hit with viewers in their `20s and `30s. The station also provides viewers with quality news and weather information powered by sister station KXAN, and offers great entertainment information, music downloads, movie tickets and more at their website.

The CW Bay Area (KBCW)

Offices: San Francisco, California

CBS 5/The CW Bay Area are part of the CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation. CBS 5 (KPIX) began in 1948 as the first television station in Northern California. The CW Bay Area began in 1968 as the first UHF station in the Bay area. The two stations became a duopoly in 2002. They were formerly an affiliate of UPN and made the switch to The CW in 2006.

The CW Philly (WPSG)

Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WPSG is part of the CBS Television Stations Group located on Independence Mall in the heart of Historic Philadelphia. They A leader in local sports programming including: the Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers and 76er’s. WPSG serves the tri state area, and in addition to its over-the-air coverage is viewed on every cable system north to the Lehigh Valley and Princeton, south to Cape May and Kent County, Delaware. In an average week, WPSG is viewed in over 1.5 million households. They are currently an affiliate of The CW network.

The CW Washington (WDCW)

Offices: Washington, DC

WDCW’s responsibility is to effectively serve all ages, races, nationalities and genders of people living in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area by being a reliable source for education, information, and entertainment. The station signed on in 1986 as WFTY, an independent station without network affiliation. In the beginning of 1995, the station obtained an affiliation with the new CW Network, and in August of that year, changed the call letters from WFTY to the more appropriately- suited WBDC.


Offices: Huntsville, Alabama

WAFF 48 has a long, rich history of providing news, weather and entertainment. Dedicated, Determined, and Dependable describe WAFF 48, the NBC affiliate for North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Severe weather coverage is a priority at WAFF 48. WAFF 48 News works hard to serve all parts of the market. The WAFF 48 News Team is determined to bring viewers accurate, relevant stories. WAFF.com has rapidly become the go-to site for breaking news and weather information.


Offices: Decanter, Illinois

WAND-TV is located in Decatur, Illinois. DMA covers 20 counties. Located in a hyphenated market, WAND-TV is the only station to cover the entire market without relying on a second signal. Their signal reaches 382,460 households and is carried on over 15 cable companies and 149 cable systems. They hit the air on August 16, 1953 as WTVP, the first television station in Central Illinois and one of the original 19 ABC affiliates. In 1966 they became WAND when purchased by LIN Broadcasting. In September 2005 WAND switched from ABC to NBC.

Washington’s ABC 7 (WJLA)

Offices: Washington, DC

Each week, ABC 7 reaches over two and one-half million viewers in the Washington, DC market with award winning local news coverage, top syndicated programming, and ABC network news, sports and entertainment. ABC 7 News I-Team is committed to getting to the heart of the story, wherever it is, whenever it happens, and whatever it takes. They are currently affiliated with ABC and owned by Allbritton Communications.

Washington’s WB 50 (WDCW)

Offices: Washington, DC

WDCW’s responsibility is to effectively serve all ages, races, nationalities and genders of people living in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area by being a reliable source for education, information, and entertainment. Through entertainment and educational programming, public service, and community affairs, they strive to make a positive impact as an active participant in their community. The station signed on in 1986 as WFTY, an independent station without network affiliation. In 1993, the station was purchased by Jasas Corporation and remained the last independent television station in Washington, DC.


Offices: Knoxville, Tennessee

Channel 6 was Knoxville’s first television station. For nearly 50 years, it’s been an innovator, leader and trusted source for quality programming and community service. WATE makes a special effort to cover community issues and needs in its newscasts, programming and public service announcements. It’s the only local station offering weekly commentaries that address political and governmental issues. In recent years, WATE has been honored with several prestigious awards. They are an ABC affiliate serving the Knoxville market.


Offices: Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is one of Raycom’s largest markets and also one of the most competitive in the country with WAVE 3 News having the fastest growing audience share. WAVE, which is traditionally the showcase for University of Kentucky sports, began a new tradition by becoming Louisville’s Kentucky Derby station in conjunction with NBC’s broadcast of the first leg of horse racing’s triple crown. WAVE 3 is the NBC affiliate for the Louisville market.


Offices: Hampton Roads, Virginia

WAVY-TV, Channel 10, signed on the air September 1, 1957, as the NBC affiliate in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Originally started by Tidewater Teleradio as an offshoot to their radio station, WAVY-AM, WAVY-TV was purchased in 1968 by LIN Broadcasting. Since its inception, WAVY-TV set the standard in Hampton Roads television. WAVY-TV also leads the way in local News broadcasts. Original children’s programming is also a part of WAVY-TV’s heritage.

WB 11 (WPIX)

Offices: New York, New York

New York’s WB11 (WPIX-TV), is the flagship station of The WB Television Network, and is seen in over 10 million homes through over-the-air and satellite distribution. Founded in 1948 and owned by Tribune Broadcasting, a division of the Tribune Company. Its successful WB Network programming, WB11 News At Ten, The WB11 Morning News, extensive library of hit movies, first-run programs, off-network sitcoms, quality children’s programming and public affairs shows, as well as outstanding event coverage, have contributed tremendously to the station’s success.

WB 38 (WTTA)

Offices: Tampa Bay, Florida

WTTA WB38 is Tampa Bay’s oldest TV station. It began as WSUN-TV (Channel 38) in 1953. During this first year the station was an independent. Then in 1954, Peninsular Telephone established a microwave network, and made WSUN-TV the first station in the world to get its programming via microwave. In the 1960’s WSUN-TV became an independent once again. The channel played reruns, old movies, the time, and weather. In the late 1980s Channel 38 was given the new name of WTTA. Also in 1999 WTTA became the Tampa Bay affiliate for The WB Television Network.


Offices: Baltimore, Maryland

On March 11, 1948, WBAL-TV 11 first broadcasted in the Baltimore area. In 1981, WBAL-TV 11 joined the CBS network, ending a 33-year relationship with NBC. However, in 1995, the station rejoined NBC. Over the years, WBAL-TV 11 has continued its commitment to the community by providing major support to charitable organizations addressing health and human service issues as well as education and the arts. The cornerstone of WBAL-TV 11’s mission remains the same: to provide quality entertainment and informational programming, superior news reports and a dedication to the community it serves.


Offices: Columbus, Ohio

From its founding in 1949, WBNS Television has strived to bring to Central Ohio the highest quality news and entertainment programming and set the standard in caring for the community while utilizing the finest in television technology. WBNS-TV is the most-watched news channel in the heart of Ohio, delivering 24-hour news, CBS programming and sports, syndicated programs and local programming. Advertisers benefit from WBNS-TV’s leadership role in the market and impressive coverage area of nearly 30 Ohio counties.


Offices: Cleveland, Ohio

WBNX CW serves the Cleveland-Akron-Canton-Sandusky Ohio area which is the 16th largest television market in the US. They are The CW Television Network affiliate, and they also air Fox Kids Network/4 Kids TV programs. They have been on the air since December 1, 1985. They were formally an affiliate of The WB, and before that they were an independent station.


Offices: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Nexstar acquired WBRE, an NBC affiliate, in January 1998, and later that year Nexstar significantly increased its operating efficiencies by entering into a shared services agreement with WYOU, a Mission Broadcasting station. Nexstar integrated both station’s operations into a new facility. Nexstar has also strengthened the local news product and upgraded its local weather coverage capabilities.

WBTV News 3

Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

WBTV is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation or disability. They have and obtain enterprising reporters who are able make cold calls that generate stories. They also have strong story telling abilities augmented by clear language and visual skills.


Offices: Minneapolis, Minnesota

1946 the radio station WCTN obtains a commercial broadcast license from the FCC and first went on the air. In August, WTCN-TV’s parent company sold its radio stations, allowing the purchase of WCCO Radio. The merge between WTCN-TV and WCCO Radio formed Midwest Radio and Television. They decided to keep the TV station and change the call letters to WCCO-TV, with CBS becoming its primary network affiliation.


Offices: Charleston, West Virginia

Since 1954, WCHS-TV8, an ABC Television Network affiliate, has been serving the Charleston-Huntington television market. They reach over 1.2 million people and over 34 counties spanning three states. Geographically, Charleston-Huntington is the second largest TV market east of the Mississippi River. WCHS-TV8 is part of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., a diversified broadcasting company that currently owns or programs 58 television stations.


Offices: Champaign, Illinois

In 2001, Nexstar acquired WCIA, a CBS affiliate located in Champaign. WCIA has traditionally dominated area viewing due to possessing the only VHF signal in the market. Nexstar has built on that tradition by emphasizing sales projects and better inventory management. The station has also expanded sales operations in Springfield, the state capital of Illinois. WCIA is closely affiliated with the University of Illinois due to holding the broadcast rights for football and basketball.


Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina

WCNC 6 is the NBC affiliate for the Charlotte market. It is owned and operated by the Belo Corporation. They look for and have aggressive, enterprising reporters with strong live skills. Strong editorial and people skills are expected of their employees. WCNC 6 has the ability to produce a fast paced newscast, and they thrive on breaking news and local investigations.


Offices: Greensboro, North Carolina

WCWG went on air in 1985. In 2006 it became an affiliate of The CW network and changed its call letters from WTWB to WCWG to recognize their new affiliate. They are in the 47th ranked market and reach 652,020 households or roughly 1,026,700 people. WCWG is owned by Pappas Telecasting Companies, based in Visalia, California. Pappas Telecasting is the largest privately-held, commercial television broadcast group in the in terms of U.S. Household coverage.


Offices: Bristol, Virginia

WCYB-TV began broadcasting in August, 1956, and Bluestone purchased the station in 2004. An NBC affiliate, WCYB-TV is the dominant station in the nation’s 90th largest market, the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and Virginia (Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City). With the launch of Digital Television in May, 2000, WCYB became the first commercial station in America to transmit multiple network signals simultaneously.


Offices: Roanoke, Virginia

WDBJ first signed on the air in 1955. It has undergone a series of expansions over the years to reach a much larger audience throughout central and southwest Virginia. Schurz Communications acquired WDBJ in 1969 from the Times-World Corporation. A CBS affiliate, WDBJ averages more viewers throughout the day than any other station in the market and has been the dominant source for local news for 40 years. Because of its dominance in the market, WDBJ’s News 7 at 6 has more viewers than any other Virginia newscast.


Offices: Daytona Beach-Orlando, Florida

WESH went on the air on June 10, 1956. On Nov. 5, 1957, WESH became an affiliate of NBC. WESH has been a leader in Central Florida television. A new tower allowed viewers in St Augustine, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Crystal River and Melbourne to see the WESH signal. The increase in viewers topped 300,000.

West Michigan CW (WWMT)

Offices: Kalamazoo, Michigan

West Michigan CW is a sub station of WWMT. Their goal is to serve the market’s information, entertainment and advertising needs with high-quality people and programming, and be a great place to work. They have a large, mostly rural market, with significant farm activity. They reach 732,000 homes in 14 West Michigan counties. WWMT is owned and operated by Freedom Communications.

West Palm’s WB (WTCN)

Offices: West Palm Beach, Florida

WTCN signed on in 1991 as a low-power community station. Today, it reaches-with the help of cable-650,000 homes, and the number is growing every day. Most cable companies carry the WTCN signal on Cable Channel 15. A deal was struck with Viacom to purchase the station, along with co-owned Spanish-language WWHB Channel 48. Viacom took over operation of the stations April 4, 2005. September 12, 2005, WTCN began a new chapter in it’s life, becoming a network affiliate of The WB.

WFAA 8/News 8

Offices: Dallas, Texas

On Dec. 31, 1949, Belo’s board of directors resolved to purchase KBTV, which had signed on the air three months earlier on Sept. 17. Belo assumed control of the station in early 1950 and changed the call letters to WFAA. In 1954, WFAA carried the first color broadcasts in north Texas. In 1957, WFAA became an exclusive affiliate of ABC. WFAA has benefited not only from the talent of its employees but also by their loyalty to the station. WFAA’s journalistic excellence has been recognized over the years with numerous industry awards.


Offices: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The WGAL Television tradition began on March 18, 1949 when the first television facility between Philadelphia and Erie, Pennsylvania. On May 5, 1949, WGAL began a 47-year tradition by presenting the area’s first local newscast. The 15 minute newscast originated live from the WGAL studios and included a sports commentary by anchor Dave Brandt. WGAL-TV originated as an innovation in broadcast communications and that commitment to bring constantly improved service to its viewers continues today.


Offices: Portland, Maine

WGME 13 is Sinclair Broadcast Group’s CBS affiliate in Portland, Maine, this country’s 74th largest television market. Each week, more than 520,000 viewers in more than eleven counties in Southern Maine and Eastern New Hampshire, tune to WGME 13 for news, information, entertainment and education. For more than four decades, WGME News 13 has been a news leader. They are committed to providing the highest quality news and information programming in the market.


Offices: Chicago, Illinois

WGN-TV has received numerous awards for programming excellence and service to the community. It has been recognized as a pacesetter and leader for creativity, innovation, quality programming and integrity in operations. A former affiliate of the WB, they are currently an affiliate of The CW network. WGN News is presented in a concise clear manner and illustrates good journalistic practices. They are owned by the Tribune company.


Offices: Louisville, Kentucky

WHAS 11 is owned and operated by the Belo corporation and is the ABC affiliate for the Louisville market. Belo Corp. is one of the nation’s largest media companies with a diversified group of market-leading television, newspaper, cable and interactive media assets. WHAS reporters can write compelling stories, give relevant interviews, and perform captivating live reports.

WHIO TV Channel 7

Offices: Dayton, Ohio

WHIO-TV, Channel 7 is Dayton’s most watched local television station for news, information and entertainment. Located in Dayton, Ohio, the Cox Broadcasting Station serves the nation’s 55th largest market. Broadcasting for over 50 years, WHIO-TV, an CBS Network affiliate, delivers consistent coverage through award winning news, local programming and community service campaigns.


Offices: Ft Meyers, Florida

On March 18, 1954, WINK-TV signed-on as the first television station in Southwest Florida and has been proudly owned by the McBride Family since its first broadcast. Over the years, WINK-TV has been respected for its quality people and programming, its local news operation and the level of service to its viewers, advertisers and the community at large. The employees of WINK-TV take great pride in being the most respected, recognized and watched television station in Southwest Florida. They are a CBS affiliate.


Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

WISH-TV’s 24-Hour News 8 has once again been named Indiana’s Outstanding News Operation and Outstanding Weather Operation by the Indiana Associated Press. The station has received numerous awards and recognition over the years for its in-depth reports, eye opening investigations and detailed coverage. WISH-TV is best known locally for its commitment to twenty-four hour news. They are currently a CBS affiliate.


Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WISN-TV (Channel 12) once again attracted southeast Wisconsin’s largest audience, sign-on to sign-off, and was the only station to post year-to-year demographic gains, according to information from Nielsen Media Research. WISN has experienced news anchors with strong reporting skills. The journalists have the ability to bring energy and personality to their anchoring and reporting. WISN-TV, the ABC station in Milwaukee, is owned by Hearst-Argyle Television.


Offices: Savannah, Georgia

WJCL signed on the air in 1970. Owned by former Savannah Mayor J. Curtis Lewis. In the late 1990’s, Mr. Lewis decided to divest his media interests and sold the radio stations. In 1999, WJCL was sold to Grapevine Communications, which has since merged with Piedmont Television. They are proud to consistently deliver quality programming with a commitment to local news. They are an affiliate of ABC.

WJZ 13

Offices: Baltimore, Maryland

CBS 13’s goal is to be Baltimore’s news portal and play an important part of users’ daily lives with news, weather, traffic and must-know community information through the integration of both local TV and the Web. CBS 13 is part of the CBS Television Stations Group, which reaches 35% of the US TV households with stations in 8 of the top 10 markets. Their stations deliver advertisers’ messages to more than 38 million homes. WJZ-TV is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station.


Offices: Madison, Wisconsin

WKOW 27 was the first TV station in Madison, Wisconsin, established June 30, 1953. Four years ago, WKOW 27 became a part of Quincy Newspapers. An ABC affiliate, WKOW 27 strives to provide Southern Wisconsin with quality programming and public service to its viewers. WKOW 27 continues to be on the cutting edge of broadcast media and advanced technology.


Offices: Jackson, Mississippi

WLBT-Channel 3’s first broadcast was December 19, 1953. WLBT was the third TV station in Mississippi. WLBT was originally known as WJBT and was changed to WLBT because WJBT and WJTV (the other two stations opened before WLBT) sounded too similar. Lamar operated WLBT until June 1971, when the FCC ordered that the license be vacated. The FCC turned the license over to Communications Improvement. Lamar lost the license after allegations were made that the station did not fairly serve its large black audience. WLBT is an affiliate of NBC.


Offices: Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia

WOWK-TV’s mission is to report about their state and surrounding communities fairly, accurately and completely with the best informed and most professional news staff. As professional journalists, they will: Assure fair and balanced coverage of all perspectives; Focus on meaningful stories that have an impact on viewers’ lives; Seek background information and conduct research to present the most accurate and in-depth stories possible; Ask the tough, but fair question. They are an affiliate of CBS serving the Charleston-Huntington market.


Offices: West Palm Beach, Florida

Channel 25 began broadcasting on January 1, 1989. The station was originally slated as independent until a shake-up in the Palm Beach and Miami markets paved the way for a major network affiliation. WPBF became an affiliate of ABC. WPBF’s talented team of journalists implement state-of-the-art technology and powerful affiliates to forge a new brand of news. Eyewitness News 25 provides current and in-depth coverage to the loyal viewers in the West Palm Beach television market.


Offices: Providence, Rhode Island

WPRI-TV started as a CBS affiliate on March 27th, 1955 as WPRO-TV. It was first owned and operated by retailer Cherry & Webb. In 1977 it was sold to Knight-Ridder Broadcasting, a division of Knight-Ridder Newspapers of Miami, Florida. WPRI changed affiliations from CBS to ABC after this sale. WPRI was then sold again as an owned and operated affiliate of the CBS network in 1995. WPRI-TV employs over 120 people. The service provided to the Providence-New Bedford community by WPRI-TV is 24-hour news, information and entertainment on CBS 12.


Offices: Raleigh, North Carolina

After a heated three-year battle in Washington, DC, CBC won the license for Channel 5 in Raleigh from the Federal Communications Commission in 1956. WRAL-TV went on the air on December 15th of that year. A leader in the local news field and a national pioneer in television technology, WRAL-TV has been the Triangle’s CBS affiliate since 1985. They recognize and accept excellence as a fundamental goal of their television station. 


Offices: Richmond, Virginia

WRIC is the ABC affiliate for the Richmond market, and is currently owned and operated by Young Broadcasting. Via on-air promotion, WRIC drives viewers to WRIC.com for the latest news, weather, sports and entertainment. This creates a wealth of traffic consisting of a motivated, targeted consumers. Station WRIC TV, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station.

WSAZ NewChannel 3

Offices: Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia

On TV, On line, and on wireless, web enabled phone, WSAZ NewsChannel 3 uses the latest technology to get the information to viewers fast, accurate and easy to understand. WSAZ NewsChannel 3 has been the most preferred choice by viewers and advertisers for more than 55 years. WSAZ is the NBC affiliate for the Charleston-Huntington market.


Offices: Atlanta, Georgia

In 1948, WSB was granted a license to operate a television station on channel 8 (now channel 2). On Jan. 1, 1981, WSB-TV switched its network affiliation from the NBC Television Network to the ABC Television Network. As the first television news operation in the South, Channel 2 Action News continues its position of leadership and strength. With 5 ½ hours of news each weekday, the Channel 2 news operation delivers a comprehensive picture of the community, nation and world to its viewers. Channel 2’s award winning local programming department maintains a very active schedule, producing more than 20 original local primetime specials and live event programs each year.


Offices: Miami, Florida

WSVN-TV Channel 7, Miami’s FOX affiliate, is the leading news station in South Florida. WSVN is the choice to turn to for breaking news and the most in-depth coverage of local news. WSVN’s web site mirrors this commitment to news. WSVN’s gives you the latest in News, Sports, and Weather. WSVN is owned by Sunbeam Television Corporation and is nationally represented by Harrington, Righter and Parsons.


Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana

Central Indiana residents have learned to rely on WTHR, Channel 13, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, for the best local coverage. The station has carved a niche for itself by devoting more broadcast time and resources to news than any other local station. More than 200 full and part-time employees work at WTHR-TV. WTHR has set a goal to become the leader in community events. WTHR is currently and affiliate of NBC.


Offices: Savannah, Georgia

WTOC-TV signed on the air February 14, 1954. A CBS affiliate from day one, WTOC became the very first television station in Savannah, Georgia. And WTOC remains today as the number one station in Savannah. WTOC televises a total of 6 hours of live local news daily, considerably more than any other local station, and well above the expectation for a station in the 98th television market. WTOC is committed to community involvement, televising Savannah and surrounding area community events annually.

WTOL News 11

Offices: Toledo, Ohio

News Channel 11 continues to be the preferred source of news and information for Toledo viewers. Toledo is the country’s 70th largest market covering the densely populated area of northwestern Ohio, northeastern Indiana and southern Michigan. They are a CBS affiliate serving the Toledo market and owned by Raycom Media. WTOL offers local advertisers the opportunity to reach a targeted, local audience with integrated on-air/online campaigns.


Offices: Washington, DC

On January 16, 1949, Channel 9, then a new CBS network affiliate station, began its first official broadcast. They have had several sets of call letters (WOIC, WTOP, WDVM, and W*USA) and Washington has grown from a small television market to one of the top ten markets in the country. The one constant throughout W*USA 9’s 50 years of history in Washington has been their commitment to serve the local community.

WVAH Fox 11

Offices: Hurricane, West Virginia

Since 1982, WVAH Fox 11, a FOX Television Network affiliate, has been serving the Charleston-Huntington television market. They reach over 1.2 million people and over 34 counties spanning three states. Geographically, Charleston-Huntington is the second largest TV market east of the Mississippi River. WCHS-TV8 is part of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., a diversified broadcasting company that currently owns or programs 58 television stations.


Offices: Hampton Roads, Virginia

WVEC-TV has been on the air in Hampton Roads since 1953 originally as an NBC affiliate. WVEC-TV currently is the ABC affiliate serving the Norfolk, Virginia area, including Virginia’s Eastern Shore and northeastern North Carolina. WVEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Belo Corp. WVEC-TV broadcasts on Channel 13, and is carried on all area cable systems. Their transmitter is located in the Driver community of Suffolk. WVEC-DT broadcasts on Channel 41.


Offices: Columbus, Ohio

WWHO began operating in 1987 under owner Wendell Triplet. Originally, the station used the call letters WWAT. The station operated as an independent station for a number of years until the launch of the WB television network in 1995. WWHO was given the affiliation for the new CW in Central Ohio and on July 31 2006, the station became known as The CW on WWHO-TV. In the fall of 2005, WWHO entered a partnership with WBNS-10TV and began airing a half-hour newscast produced by the 10TV Eyewitness News team. WWHO is owned and operated by the LIN Television Corporation.


Offices: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

WXII 12 has provided residents of the Piedmont local news since 1953. An NBC affiliate owned by Hearst-Argyle television, WXII has been known throughout the community for its ability to provide viewers the most complete coverage, the newest technology and an unmatched level of community service. The station had more network business when it went on the air than any other NBC affiliate at that time.


Offices: Greensville, South Carolina

Out of 210 television markets in the country, WYFF is in the 35th largest market. Their market is bigger than Memphis, New Orleans and Buffalo. WYFF is the market’s NBC affiliate. WYFF wins the portion of the market where most of the retail sales dollars are spent and dominates Greenville County, the heart of the market’s economy and culture. The combined talents of their creative, production and technical departments have earned local, regional and national recognition. 


Offices: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Nexstar acquired WYOU, a CBS affiliate, in June 1996 and subsequently sold it to Mission Broadcasting, Inc. in 1998. Later that year the parties entered into a shared services agreement. WYOU-TV News strengthened its visibility and competitiveness in the market by unveiling a new, street level newsroom in Lackawanna County (2nd largest county in the area), and repositioning itself as “Lackawanna County’s” News Source.


Offices: Grand Rapids, Michigan

On November 1, 1962, WZZM 13 went on the air. The one constant throughout WZZM 13’s entire history in West Michigan is their commitment to serve the local community. Their tradition of service and innovation continues in the 21st century. They are determined to make WZZM 13 the number one choice for news, information, and entertainment programming by working for and caring about their viewers, employees, advertisers and shareholders. They are currently an affiliate of ABC.

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